Our staff are as carefully selected as our food and drink: from a world-class sushi chef, innovative, multi-lingual staff and management that have owned and run hugely successful restaurants from Ibiza to Rome to Thailand.

 Welcome to the World of Nagai!

Eleonora Carapellotti - Nagai Restaurant

Eleonora is one of those people that is simply unstoppable and full of ideas. A bit of time with her and you will feel inspired and charged with enthusiasm!

The story begins with her on a trip to Thailand, ready to invest in gems to make jewellery... A chance encounter with an Italian wanting to sell his restaurant...a day in the water to talk it over with her brother... a Decision, and the rest is history!

She manages all the logistical details, the boutique, making the clothes,  selection herself and you can easily find her singing live. She is constantly diving into the unknown, pushing herself as she is allergic to boredom!

Reina Nagai
Reina Nagai

When you grow up on a fishing boat with your grandfather during the day and between the folds of your mother's kimono in your father's family restaurant serving traditional Japanese food in the evening, you learn by osmosis. You develop an intuitive instinct and taste buds of the most subtle quality.

Fast-forward some decades, travel the world and do some artistic reverse osmosis and you get...  A genius in the Kitchen!

Welcome to Reina Nagai's world of Taste, Texture, Temperature, Shape and Form from Japan with twists from around the World topped by her creative artistic licence.

Melchior Arnold - Nagai Restaurant

Melchior is one of those people that makes you feel at ease and welcomed in different languages, as if you had known each other for ages.

Having grown up on Ibiza, travelled around the world and lived myriad adventures, he is a truly international character that creates harmony and clarity with a sense of humour.

His love and knowledge of the island make him an invaluable resource for everything regarding life and business on Ibiza. His passion is Alchemy, Human Potential and the Quantum world which he teaches, does individual sessions using Numerology and the Ibiza Tarot cards that he co-created.

Luigi Carapellotti - Nagai Restaurant

You know how sometimes you meet someone who is just good at everything they do? Well, Luigi is one of those people... Give him a new challenge and he will study it, turn it over in his mind obsessively and then find a novel way of solving it.

Trained in classical guitar for 10 years, his discovery of the creative freedom in Thailand opened a whole new world of music and way of thinking. 

He is the man in charge of all maintenance and repairs as well as bar structures. A truly talented man who has taken to fatherhood with serenity and maturity.