A sensory extravaganza

Here at Nagai we pride ourselves on our ability to touch each and every sense with the right food, the right drink, the right music and beautiful atmosphere. 

Nagai means longevity in Japanese

We've expanded the words to mean adaptability, creativity, spontaneity as well as include music, art, color and sharing because this is what we believe life is about. At Nagai you will find a welcoming, pet & child-friendly, oasis of harmony.

Ibiza is one of the last remaining voices of a life of true enjoyment without having to be hedonistic. True pleasure, combined with satisfaction is pleasure without guilt. We love pleasure without guilt. That is Nagai & we invite you to Enjoy!

Findac Nagai Geishas

A Restaurant for all Seasons 

Nagai is with you all year long.

We love where we live and what we do, so we are open the whole year giving ourselves and our staff time off in turns to rest,
travel and get inspired again!

La Finca

Winter in the 250 year old Finca, Ca'n Reyet, which means home of the little King, warmed by fireplaces, protected from the elements dining with locals and expats, Spring & Autumn with both inside and outside dining to...

La Terraza

... enjoying our Terrace around our Olive tree, under the Summer Moon & Stars, Nagai is with you all year long, entertaining you with Music, Fashion, Art & Ibiza Bohemian Atmosphere.